About Us

This organization began in the early 1980's. In 1985, we, sisters Evelyn Rich Oldham and Norma Rich Dalton began doing research in Carbon and Duchesne County courthouses looking for the earliest settlers on ranches in the canyon. Later, in the summer of 1993, our nephew, Lon Rich, joined us with his family, also Evelyn's son Tory, and we called ourselves the Nine Mile Discovery Team. We recorded our experiences in a newsletter titled Desert Varnish.

When we related our findings to others, we found a growing interest in our collections, which prompted the question-- How do we retain these historical stories and add to them to share with future generations?

In April 2004, a Board of Directors of twelve people, was chosen, appointed with responsibilities. The board has now set forth policies to govern our new Association.

NMCSA Who are we, and what do we do?

We are the posterity of early Nine Mile Canyon settlers. We have lived in the canyon or have family that has lived in the canyon. We are visitors to the canyon. We are friends to the canyon and have had experiences here that we will share with others. Our goal is to take people's stories, histories, pictures, memories and make them available for all interested to enjoy, as explained in our mission statement.

What histories does the NMCSA want?

Historical documented settler history.

Pictures, copies of lots of pictures.

Folklore, fun stories, from the beginning of Nine Mile Canyon settler's to present. Family history of people who live/lived there, from earliest to present.

Visitor experiences Ever wonder where to tell those deer hunting stories? Or those bad bronco stories? Poetry, essay,narration, art whatever artistic means one may use to share their feelings about experiences in the canyon.